Lake Como Wedding

The Lake of Como is one of the most famous Italian destinations: its stunning landscapes seen counteract the blue waters of the lake with the majesty of the Alps, attracting visitors since the days of the Roman Empire. Its shores are characterized by ancient and elegant eighteenth-century villas become ideal locations for a wedding on Lake Como High class, immersed in a location of incomparable beauty and elegance.

Amalfi coast wedding

Known worldwide for its incomparable beauty, the Amalfi coast symbolizes the most authentic Italian tradition in every way. Choose the Amalfi Coast to celebrate your wedding will make those days already rich emotions even more memorable thanks to the colors of the picturesque houses, the headlands overlooking the sea and the delicious ravines.

Wedding in Venice

La Serenissima, the Dominant, the Queen of the Adriatic. However you call Venice will always remain one of the most famous and appreciated in Italy and worldwide, as well as a romantic location of choice for celebrating the ceremony.

Wedding in Tuscany

The land of Dante, good wine and the cradle of Italian culture. Decide to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany means choosing to spend the most important days of their lives immersed in the elegance, if you choose to marry the coast and inland area, tasting fine wine as the sun accommodates the beautiful hills.

Wedding in Sorrento

Colorful land, land of the sirens, the city of citrus gardens. Are many and all true epithets attributed to the city of Sorrento, where colors and hospitality come together in a unique and enthralling atmosphere of blue paint the picture of your wedding in Sorrento.

Wedding in Capri

Among the most picturesque and visited the Campania region, set of commercials, movies and postcards, the beauty of the island of sirens and its stacks it is known since ancient times, when according to the mythology of Homer passed by here Ulysses.

Wedding in Verona

Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy: Shakespeare chose it as a theater for the most famous love story of literature, that of Romeo and Juliet. Why get married in Verona will become an even more memorable. The city, rich in history and culture, will give your wedding in Verona a charming heritage made of villas and palaces where to crown your dream of love.

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Our planning services and wedding arrangement are tailored to our clients in respect of theirlifestyles, tastes and budgets. We believe that proposing existing packages or adaptations of them is unprofessional asdevoid of personality; we propose instead a unique and highly personalized service, a unique and unrepeatable event. We are able to offer location and coordination of suppliers to create the wedding you dreamed of in accordance with your budget. Wherever the location chosen, Livia and her team will manage and supervise your receipt to ensure the success of […]

Wedding in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region of northeast Italy which is only an hour driving from Venice. Bordering Austria and Slovenia, it is recognized for its important wine production exported and appreciated all over the world including the Verduzzo, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon, Malvasia, Cabernet and Merlot.

Treviso Wedding

Treviso is one of the most characteristic cities in the heart of the Venetian Hills, a great place for a ceremony marked by authenticity and nature. Marriage and wedding reception can be held in castles, churches and abbeys, Palladian villas and boghi medieviali, immersed in the beautiful scenery of the countryside of Treviso. The vineyards […]

Macerata Wedding – Rocca d’Ajello

Perched on a woody hill in the Marche region, Central Italy, the castle of Rocca d’Ajello was built between the XIIIth and XVIth century by the Varano family, lords of the duchy of Camerino. The castle is now privately owned and can be rented for weddings and events. The large outdoor and indoor spaces provide ideal […]

Austria wedding

Austria, a land of elegance, romance, together with Italy home of classical music and the sweet world-renowned. Rright here, we can find beautiful natural landscapes, located on the outskirts of urban centers and it is here where love stories have made history. Depending on the season you might prefer to get married with a beautiful […]

Vicenza Wedding

The halls of the Palladian Villas, the views of the Atlas Mountains Berici and the gardens outside the city … Vicenza offers a romantic and magical atmosphere for weddings and events with love. A location is Princely Villa Michelangelo, an eighteenth century mansion with suites overlooking the beautiful park and a swimming pool surrounded by […]